They can be fun and powerful in the right meta game though. DECK LISTS COMMANDERS COLORS STRATEGIES EVENT EVENT DATE #PLAYERS Player Name; Chulane iCameo: . Tier 1: The archetypes representing the top 50% of the metagame (Or the top 10 archetypes if that number is lower than ten). Playtest v1. Sorcerer's Apprentice - one of the key cards in the deck, can allow for insane tempo swings allowing you to play a 1 mana removal spell alongside it. Find most popular Mage decks in different archetypes. Cards used in this deck: # 1x (1) Arcane Breath # 1x (1) Evocation # 1x (1) Open the Waygate # 1x (1) Ray of Frost # 1x (2) Astromancer Solarian # 1x (2) Book of Specters Last updated Oct 17, 2016 (Yogg Nerf) Edit | Delete Wild. Payment must be made in 3 business days or item will be cancelled. Publisher: They have been . Azorius Auras is for players who like tempo-based builds, card draw, and going all-in. Heat Wave (1) Mask of Momentum (1) Snapdragon Scalers (1) Tide Flippers (1) Tiger Stripe Shuko (1) Vest of the First Fist (1) Blaze Headlong (2) Brand with Cinderclaw (2) Breaking Point (2) Combustion Point (1) Double Strike (1) Dust Runner Outlaw (2) Engulfing Flamewave (1) Flamecall Awakening (2) Inflame (2) Lava Vein Loyalty (2) This deck ends the game around turn 6-7 with leveled Jinx or Chronobreak. This deck includes red and blue energies. 4x Unveiling Breeze. Games. Will be shipped out with First Class Mail.</p> MTG Magic the Gathering 2019 Challenger Deck Arcane Tempo English. !" Cancel reply. Previous; 1; 2; 3; 1 / 3; Next; Deck / Cost. Link BBCode Deckbuilder Image. Arcane (titled onscreen as Arcane: League of Legends) is an action-adventure streaming television series created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee for Riot Games.Produced by Fortiche and distributed by Netflix, it is set in Riot's League of Legends fictional universe, and primarily focuses on sisters Vi and Jinx.The series was announced at the League of Legends 10th anniversary celebration in . The goal of the deck is to predict and level up Ekko, then empty your hand to level up Jinx. Haldan, Avid Arcanist & Pako, Arcane Retriever: URG: DISRUPTIVE: Razakats: Thrasios, Triton Hero & Tymna, the Weaver: WUBG: 0 Tempo Mage Deck List Guide - Scholomance Academy - September 20202 1 Evocation 1 1 Lab Partner 2 1 Magic Trick 2 1 Ray of Frost 2 1 Violet Spellwing 2 2 Astromancer Solarian 1 2 Cram Session 2 2 Mana Cyclone 2 3 Chenvaala 1 3 Firebrand 2 Arcane Tempo is a 2-color blue & red Challenger Deck! Tier 1: Well-optimized decks with extremely efficient and overwhelmingly powerful combos and card synergies that makes losing against these decks feel helpless and unfair. How To Play: Fairly simple, just mulligan hard for early . Planeswalker decks are preconstructed theme decks sold by Wizards of the Coast for use in paper magic and are designed to acquaint players with the basic strategy of new sets. Signature Treasure: Mo'arg Outcast. . 3 Fiery Cannonade. Card List Mage Cards 1 Elemental Allies DoD 2 1 Evocation AO 1 1 Lab Partner SA 2 1 Magic Trick RoS 2 1 Primordial Studies SA 2 1 Ray of Frost RoS 2 1 Violet Spellwing DoD 2 1 Wand Thief SA 2 2 Conjure Mana Biscuit MDF 2 2 Cram Session SA 2 2 Imprisoned Phoenix MDF 2 2 Mana Cyclone RoS 2 3 Chenvaala DoD 1 4 Sorcerer's Apprentice Legacy 2 Tainted Twin. Tempo Arcane Giant Mage. The list also runs plenty of interaction to be able to disrupt a variety of other cEDH decks while pushing towards going over the top with large amounts of mana. Overview: With a win rate of 57%, there's a reason why Kalista is absolutely everywhere now. There is also an undergrowth build of this deck that takes advantage of Molderhulk (which pairs perfectly with Memorial to Folly) and Izoni, Thousand-Eyed. by HooliganPolygon 3 years ago 8 6800 6800 3460 7. Magic: The Gathering Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! Recent Posts. Neutral Cards. You have the capability to set up some massive turns involving three or four boosted attack actions into a Maximum Velocity or into a swing from a pre-loaded Plasma Barrel . Card Kingdom $55.09 - 55.09. Alchemy . Spoiler Timeline. $14.25. Standard BO1 Traditional Standard Alchemy BO1 Traditional Alchemy Historic BO1 Traditional Historic Explorer BO1 Traditional Explorer Brawl Historic Brawl MTGA Events Pioneer Modern . If you are here, you probably did the same as I have - watched some Arcane! What's fun about this deck: It has cool dragon synergies. Games played. This deck list is a build for Classic Constructed based on a Blitz list I shared back in November, which you can find here.This deck is a fun, aggressive style of Mechanologist that wants to boost, boost and boost some more! Interesting concept but honestly I don't see how this is a "tempo" deck. It was all based around an idealized sequence of plays, as follows: Sacrifice a few things to pump up Juri, getting him up to 10/10. Owning a rebalanced card gives you every version of that card. Starring: Hailee Steinfeld, Katie Leung, Kevin Alejandro. Mage is one of 10 classes in Hearthstone. Deck archetypes. Over the last 20 games between ranks 5 and 3 I am 14-6 (70% winrate). Note: New expansions will affect future Hearthstone Arena tier lists and the meta itself. More Tempo Mage Decks. Arcane Tempo (Standard MTG Deck) This collection is out of date, you may click here to see the latest version Arcane Tempo Standard Budget Tempo UR (Izzet) Karaharlowe Group Ordering Instant (15) 1x Blink of an Eye 2x Dive Down 4x Opt 4x Radical Idea 4x Shock Land (22) 8x Island 4x Izzet Guildgate 7x Mountain 3x Sulfur Falls Creature (13) 2x Breath of Sindragosa. Using their unrivaled array of spells, Mages can wipe entire boards of minions, deal devastating amounts of damage directly to their enemy, or summon creatures of pure energy to do their bidding. You can find the other two deck guides from the report here: . Best passive treasure: Pillage the Fallen offers free weapons to fragment enemy faces with and is therefore the best of the . Tempo's Arcane Sisters Deck created by Tempo13x. This page lists the official Wizards of the Coast planeswalker decks. Use it before it's nerfed or hard-countered, and climb the ranks. Throne of the Tide Top Decks | Weekly Report #166 (13.06 - 19.06) Hearthstone Duels 12-0 Brann Bronzebeard (9821 MMR) (Dino Tracking | Sr. Excavator) Brand New Sealed Magic The Gathering Arcane Tempo Challenger Deck. . Forged from some of the most powerful strategies in Standard, these decks are geared toward Standard play at Friday Night Magic. With the new Arcane Amplifier which increases your hero power damage by 2, I wanted to attempt to bring back tempo mage, with an elemental base package. [p]Challenger Decks 2019[/p] Free NL shipping from 50; Ordered today? Creators: Christian Linke, Alex Yee. 5 Color Niv. The decks have been carefully assembled and represent the strongest strategies of decks made from cards from, among others, the sets of Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria . Basic decks are pre-made card lists provided for new players, composed entirely of cards from the Basic card set, including neutral cards and class cards available at level 1. Khadgar's Unexpected Tempo Mage. Operation: Scarlet Spear sold Arcane Tempo for 1,000 Scarlet Credits . 6 Decks Starring Arcane Champions You've binged the Arcane and it left you wanting more? It's a fast, horrendous deck to deal with that's hyper aggressive, with few counters (besides a bit of Gangplank below). 3 Arcane Intellect x 1; 3 Firebrand x 1; 4 Reckless Apprentice x 1; 5 Jandice Barov x 1; 5 Ras Frostwhisper x 1; . Mage Cards. Free shipping. It deals three damage to any target in a vacuum but with eight dragons with 4 or more power in your deck it may as well say, "kill any creature that bothers you.". Decks for use in Constructed modes can be created in the Collection tab and modified either there or in the Play tab when selecting a deck. 3 Build a Snowman x 2. Suggest correction. CardHoarder 7.15 TIX. The above table contains a complete list of the top winning Alchemy decks updated to July 2022. 2x Mana Wyrm. Deck List: Don't miss: Mass Grave at Ancient 'Barbarian' Battlefield Reveals Gruesome Rituals. Owning a rebalanced card gives you every version of that card. 2. MTG Magic the Gathering 2019 Challenger Deck Arcane Tempo English. Aberrant Berserker Abominable Lieutenant Abomination Abusive Sergeant Acherus Veteran Acidic Swamp Ooze Acolyte of Pain Al'ar Alarm-o-Bot Alexstrasza Alexstrasza the Life-Binder Am'gam Rager Amalgam of the Deep Amani Berserker Amani War Bear Ambassador Faelin Ancient Brewmaster Ancient . Part of the 2019 Challenger Decks set. 2 Ignite x 2. Challenger Deck 2019 - Arcane Tempo. Their arcane legions are now yours to control. 2 Disdainful Stroke. Tier 1: The archetypes representing the top 50% of the metagame (Or the top 10 archetypes if that number is lower than ten). Entrancing Melody simply doesn't fit for what this deck is going for. Playing on a Budget. Customers Also Purchased . This is the jankiest combo deck you've never seen. deck 3 sulfur falls (dar) 247 4 izzet guildgate (grn) 251 8 island (jmp) 48 7 mountain (jmp) 64 4 goblin electromancer (grn) 174 4 crackling drake (grn) 163 2 murmuring mystic (grn) 45 1 arclight phoenix (grn) 91 2 niv-mizzet, parun (grn) 192 1 the mirari conjecture (dar) 57 4 opt (m21) 59 4 radical idea (grn) 52 4 shock (m21) 159 2 dive down Disrupt your opponent with cheap instants and sorceries, build card advantage, then unleash a game-winning storm of spells! Filters. Most classifications of decks begin from one of four major strategies: aggro, control, combo and midrange. (This tier may not always be present in the Snapshot if there are no overpoweringly imbalanced decks.) TCGPlayer Mkt $37.43 - 37.77. All Traditional Standard decks from users and content creators. Then, sacrifice Juri via an outlet like Viscera Seer. 2021 | TV-14 | 1 Season | Adult Animation. I hope you enjoy the deck & gameplay! 3x Disorienting Winds. 2x Arcane Missiles. A while back, I built a Juri, Master of the Revue deck themed around sacrificing Juri to deal massive damage. You can select up to (5) cards! Crafting cost. Back to deck list. Arcane Tempo is a blue/red tempo deck built around Crackling Drake, Arclight Phoenix, and Niv-Mizzet, Parun Product information Warranty & Support Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here Feedback Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Aggro decks focus on converting their cards into damage; they prefer to engage in a race for tempo . For mulligans, look for cheap Predicts to start the game like Ancient . 1x Ravaging Tempest. How to Build a Treasure Commander Deck. Three powerful nations have harnessed the power unleashed by the day of chaos, and they struggle to claim dominance over the known world. Cards, Pokmon Cards, Dragon Ball Super, Digimon TCG, Flesh and Blood. Arcane Tempo is an Arcane Enhancement that provides a 15% chance to increase Fire Rate on primary shotguns for 12 seconds whenever the player achieves a Critical Hit . 10. Card List & Release Date Build a Deck Expansions Goblins vs Gnomes The Grand Tournament Whispers of the Old Gods Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Journey to Un'Goro . 2 Shivan Fire. This is the "pure" baseline version of the spell. TCG Player. 30-day money back guarantee. We've listed a popular version of Tempo Mage below, we'll be updating the guide soon! Just straight forward hilarious fun. Add to Cart. And now let's see if we can conjure up a better looking list with the budget we have. Creatures 4 x Llanowar Elves 2 x Rhys the Redeemed 6 x Persistent Petitioners 1 x . Effect Acquisition Awarded for killing or capturing the Eidolon Teralyst . $6 per month. Arcane Tempo (Challenger Deck, 75 cards) Deadly Discovery (Challenger Deck, . Challenger Deck 2019 (19) Our Price: $ 39.99. Add to Watchlist | . Tempered Steel. Videos Gideon, the Oathsworn (Planeswalker Deck, 60 cards) Jace, Arcane Strategist (Planeswalker Deck, 60 cards) RNA Guild Kit (GK2) Azorius (Guild Kit, 60 cards) . Basic decks are the default deck lists provided whenever gaining a new deck slot, offering a quick, simple way of getting to know a class and the game itself without . Contents: 60-Card main deck 15-Card sideboard Ez Pack; Sloppy Bunch. Journey into Nyx Defeat a God Challenge Deck - MtG - Magic the Gathering. You can easily level up both champions with a ton of cheap Predicts to empty your hand/level Ekko with. Tier List and Rankings. Tier 2: Very solid decks that are slightly lacking in some capacity, whether it's consistency or power compared to the Tier One archetypes.These can still be strong choices for ladder or for tournaments if you are highly skilled with the . Its main focus is to get out powerful enchantments using Zur the Enchanter's triggered attack ability and combine a laundry list of enchantments with synergistic creatures to swing in for the kill.. Alchemy Decks Alchemy is a new, digital-first format only on Magic: The Gathering Arena! Pick up one of these decks, and vibe with your favorite characters while waiting for the new episodes of the show. It can generate lots of random spells and adapt to any game. 1 Wand Thief x 2. A deck is a collection of cards assembled before a match, as well as where players draw cards from (and sometimes add cards to) during gameplay. June 24, 2022; Pool 1 Infinite Rank Zoo Deck by Sorbetesman - June 2022 . Deck List Class (30) 1 Arcane Missiles 2 1 Mana Wyrm 2 1 Shooting Star 2 2 Arcanologist 2 2 Celestial Emissary 1 2 Frostbolt 2 2 Primordial Glyph 2 3 Arcane Intellect 2 3 Cinderstorm 2 3 Counterspell 1 3 Explosive Runes 2 3 Kirin Tor Mage 2 3 Stargazer Luna 1 Full List of Cards in Pool Three (Collection Level 462+) Ask the . Required fields are marked * Here's a good example: Arcane Intellect - 3 mana, draw 2. ; Tier 2: All the decks that are not tier 1 and represent at least a 0.20% of the meta or more; Tier 3 & Rogues: Decks which represent less than 0.20% of . Product description. The Removal. Compare to inventory Compare to another deck. No other hero wields the arcane with as much skill and raw power as a Mage. Check out Mage Standard Decks (July 2022) using data from last 4 days. Devoted Council could be a great defensive card against a very aggressive strategy looking to burn your nexus before you can reach level 3, and it also is the only card in Shurima that can heal . Aggro (short for "aggressive") decks attempt to reduce their opponents from 20 life to 0 life as quickly as possible, rather than emphasize a long-term game plan. This deck has some expensive cards, most notably Carrion Husk, Grasp of the Arknight, and Arcanite Skullcap. It can be sold for 200 . Amid the stark discord of twin cities Piltover and Zaun, two sisters fight on rival sides of a war between magic technologies and clashing convictions. Small Spell Mage is one of the most interesting decks to play. MTGGoldfish Premium takes your Magic experience to the next level. Our Tempo Mage Deck List Guide will walk you through the details of this notable deck of the Mage class! These are decks that we play on stream because people like them, but they tend to have a few too many poor match ups in the format to be something I think will ever be a major player in Historic. Tier 1: The best of the best.The most consistent decks that sport the highest win rates and generally, the highest play rates. Card Sleeves, Booster Boxes, Packs, And More. Since Guilds of Ravnica each pysical deck comes with a redeemable unique code for unlocking the purchased Planeswalker deck in-game. Aggro. Delivered tomorrow*; Customer rating: 9.2 Winrate. Will package and ship with care! The world had changed forever. Pre-made deck for Magic the Gathering, intended as a starting point for players who want to play Standard and/or Friday Night Magic. The list is very typical as far as Zur is concerned. Change 1. Alchemy . Sealed Collectable Card Game Decks & Kits; Share. . Similarly to other pre-made decks, it includes 60 cards. Hearthstone Duels 12-1 Reno Jackson (7637 MMR)(Arcane Craftiness | The Gatling Wand) April 15, 2022. &. Mage is represented by the following heroes. Mage Neutral; 2x - Elemental Evocation: 2x - Mana Addict: 2x - Arcane Missiles: 1x - Exotic Mountseller: 2x - Magic Trick: 1x - Mirror Image: 2x - Ray . 1 Wildfire x 2. Top EDH commanders and decks A complete list of the best MTG Commander decks, ideal for cEDH deckbuilders. How it is calculated? Whenever you attack with Rosetta Thorn, if you've played an attack action card and a non-attack action card this turn, deal 2 arcane damage to target hero. There are 9 basic decks in total, one for each class. Product Details. Small Spell Mage. Your email address will not be published. Najeela Tempo Queen by Jou00e3o Pina: Najeela, the Blade-Blossom: WUBRG: . I am mainly posting this deck as a way to get feedback because I know it could use some fine-tuning. here's the exported mtg arena deck list 4 goblin electromancer (grn) 174 7 mountain (rix) 195 8 island (rix) 193 4 crackling drake (grn) 163 2 murmuring mystic (grn) 45 1 arclight phoenix (grn) 91. Tech and Options . The above table contains a complete list of the top winning Alchemy decks updated to July 2022. This is also due to the number of cards in the packs that help in several of the decks we're going to talk about today. The Commander list I'm presenting today isn't the typical max-power cEDH build I'd usually put together, but a standard mid-power build. 2x Arcanologist. Premium members enjoy our SuperBrew deck finder, unlimited card tracking, unlimited price alerts, collection import and card price history downloads. Players start with starter decks . It utilizes spell synergies, increasing the damage or reducing the cost of its spells. If you do not want the item in the picture please don't purchase. Hero Power: Outlander. $15.00. When playing against them, mulligan for Doomsayer, Overconfident Orc and Zephrys the Great. There hasn't been too much success with the list currently, but we will reevaluate this soon. Magic the Gathering Arcane Tempo 2019 MTG Challenger Deck Blue Sealed. Percentage of games won by the deck. "Rosetta Thorn" is a trading card from the "Tales of Aria" set of the trading card game, Flesh & Blood. The legality engine ensures all the decklists are legal to use. Deck tags: Burst, Elusive, Slow, LastBreath, Fast, Challenger, QuickAttack, Strike, Tough Any of these decklists could be an excellent starting place for your next deck, and at Maindeck, we are all highly anticipating the full release of Grand Archive TCG set 1 - Dawn of Ashes - later this year, which will bring us the Water element . The year is now 37BCE and the middle-east sits at the center of a vast struggle to control humanity's fate. Next we have Shatterskull Smashing playing a dual role as removal and land. Be the first to review "CHALLENGER DECKS 2019 SET OF 4, IN STOCK!!! Premium Membership. Go Premium. How it is calculated? Mad Scientist - Pulls secret, op card no explanation needed. Total amount of dust required to craft the deck. Overall, Odd Mage has a low curve and is a tempo deck that uses the newly buffed Magister Dawngrasp as a fun and powerful win condition. Mezume November 7, 2021 Off-Meta Decks Hello, it's Mezume here! Tempo . Eventually the deck seeks to establish infinite mana with combos like IsoRev and use Kinnan to find outlets such as Thrasios to draw most of our deck and begin twister looping. 17 Minions; 13 Spells; Deck Type: Ranked Deck; Deck Archetype: Tempo Mage; Only 1 In Stock - New. Will package and ship with care! 1 cinder glade 1 desolate lighthouse 1 exotic orchard 1 kessig wolf run 1 mossfire valley 1 mosswort bridge 1 oran-rief, the vastwood 1 scavenger grounds 1 yavimaya coast 1 command tower 1 frontier bivouac 1 gruul turf 1 halimar depths 1 izzet boilerworks 1 myriad landscape 1 rupture spire 1 simic growth chamber 1 rugged highlands 1 swiftwater We will eventually have mulligans, play strategy, card choices, and substitutions listed in the guide. Differently from other pre-made decks, Challenger Decks also include a side board made of 15 cards. 2x Frostbolt Pako, Arcane Retriever: 0.12%: 12 $4162 $290 Birgi, God of Storytelling // 0.12%: 12 $10766 $137 Daretti, Scrap Savant: If you like tempo decks or want to play with a deck that cares both about Magister Dawngrasp's hero power and battlecry, give this one a try! Tempo generally implies the ability to provide a board while also doing something else, sometimes not as well as a card that's role is more "pure". 1 Devolving Missiles x 2. The card that does fit this deck's bill nicely, however, is the crowd favorite Expansion // Explosion. Week Month Year. Alchemy includes all Standard sets, and rotates as it normally does but it will also regularly rebalance cards, incorporate digital-only mechanics (such as Conjure, Perpetual, Seek) and add supplemental cards with each premier set. 3x Reclaim. Guilds of Ravnica Challenger Deck 2019-04-12 Creature (13) 1 Arclight Phoenix {3} {R} Reset Filters. Alchemy Decks Alchemy is a new, digital-first format only on Magic: The Gathering Arena! by Horus 1 year, 6 months ago 8 3820 3820 2242 0. I like fighting for tempo almost all game one notable caveat being that if going first I may just make a Runechant and Soul Shackle, arsenal, and pass. 3x Favorable Winds. 3 Venomous Scorpid x 1; Copy Deck Code. All stats and win-rates for decks are calculated using actual user game data. 1 Shivering Sorceress x 2. The deck list might still get changed or refined - if it happens, we'll update it here! Arcane Tempo Decklist Stats Sample Hand Sort by: Creature (13) 4 Goblin Electromancer 4 Crackling Drake 2 Murmuring Mystic 1 Arclight Phoenix 2 Niv-Mizzet, Parun Sorcery (9) Once per Turn Action - : Attack. Card Odds Draw hand. 2 Amplified Snowflurry x 2. A player can have a maximum of 30 decks stored in their collection at once. The primary removal spell you have in this build is Dragon's Fire. Arcane. In the tradition of Tempo . Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. A Odd Mage Deck created by Swizard. As for other card packs, the "Madness of the Darkmoon Faire" and "Ashes of Outland" still enjoy a lot of popularity. The first deck we will look at is the Midrange Tempo deck. Jaina Proudmoore is the default hero . Set: Challenger Deck 2019. We got you covered with our cedh tier list updated to 2021 . Odd Mage. Winrate. Cost: 1460. Tempo Mage Deck List for Rise of Shadows. Challenger Decks are ready-made tournament-worthy decks when these decks were played in Standard. The Nissa Revane Deck (Duel Of The Planeswalkers Deck, 60 cards) The outlook for Tempo Mage right now is pretty bleak. 3 Entrancing Melody. Zombie Chow - a less obvious pick but helps increase the chances of a strong turn 1 play alongside the mana wyrms. Of these expensive cards, Grasp is probably the least . Devoted Council: Right now, the deck is very focused on protecting both champions and the Buried Sun Disc, the biggest threat to the deck being Scorched Earth in the current metagame. Nova Carnage Infinite Rank Deck - American Zoo by Arcane Rite - June 2022. We're taking an early look at how this archetype might stack up against the field in the upcoming Rise of Shadows meta with some theorycraft. INCLUDES 1 EACH OF 'UNITED ASSAULT', 'LIGHTNING AGGRO', 'DEADLY DISCOVERY', AND 'ARCANE TEMPO'!! Aggressive decks like Tempo Demon Hunter can be quite the problem for this deck. Each Challenger Deck comes with a complete 60-card main deck and a 15-card sideboard, and is intended to be playable and competitive right out of the box. 2x Mirror Image. Tier 2: Competitive decks that have a few slight weaknesses (e.g., poor . . The gameplan here is to put auras that draw cards including Curious Obsession, Arcane Flight, and Staggering Insight onto creatures that benefit from them like Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice; Sram, Senior Edificer, and, of course, Kor Spiritdancer. Alchemy includes all Standard sets, and rotates as it normally does but it will also regularly rebalance cards, incorporate digital-only mechanics (such as Conjure, Perpetual, Seek) and add supplemental cards with each premier set. ; Tier 2: All the decks that are not tier 1 and represent at least a 0.20% of the meta or more; Tier 3 & Rogues: Decks which represent less than 0.20% of . List of decks Showing Standard decks with at least 5 unique pilots and 200 recorded games. Create a bunch of tokens, turn them into advisors with Arcane Adaptation and start milling your opponent with Persistent Petitioners.