Photo Credits : ~ Sir Bilal Zubair || 3rd in PMS 2019 ~. Science subjects such as physics,maths, chemistry etc take more time to prepare. 8: 14,359: Sticky . Below we will be discussing around with the high scoring list of optional subjects in CSS with an excellent combination view point! Offering a wide selection of css books on all of . Sir Asif Masood guiding CSS aspirants how to score high for Accountancy and Auditing, Business Administration subjects @M.Afreen CSS/PMS Institute. EDITION 2021 Edition PUBLICATION Dogar Brother CONDITION new offers career finder css compulsory solved . Enter a title that clearly identifies the subject of your question. This is the latest and updated edition for CSS Compulsory Subjects and published by Dogar Brothers and its author has tried to provide maximum and up to date information for the subject to help . 08 High Scoring Subjects in CSS Posted by Sadaf Abbas on March 21, 2021 Best Subjects CSS High Scoring Subjects + Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; 08 High Scoring Subjects in CSS Posted by Sadaf Abbas on March 21, 2021 Best Subjects CSS High Scoring Subjects + Get link; Facebook; Twitter; 03459994400. Knowledge and fact bank with ample material to answer questions. All subjects are scoring subjects getting scores in each subjects base on the interests, and knowledge. NAME High Scoring CSS Solved Papers 2016-21 All Compulsory Subjects - Dogar Brother SPECIAL FEATURES How to solve CSS Papers. But, when you're preparing this paper, you need to be very focused on the course outline that's provided by FPSC. CSS Books Point has variety of almost 3000+ Books on every field. There are groups of subjects given in the list. High Scoring Precis with Ali Naeem. First of all, choosing the right optional subject is the key to success in this competitive exam. Suggested Material. Answer (1 of 18): This is one of the most common question asked by any new aspirants. 200: 12. The book is also student-friendly. Some subjects previously having 200 marks (2 subjects) were reduced to 100 marks (1 subject) such as Geography, Punjabi and Indopak History etc. Complete solutions of CSS compulsory papers Sidebars providing important and up-to-date information. CSS decline. You have 12 groups below to select one of the field group you want to join. Subject. 4 Modules . But let us see some facts about optionals : 1. No doubt that a candidate holds one degree or two degrees in his educational career but he has to select 600 marks from the groups. All subjects related to pure Science are known to be easy to pass and to get high marks. PKR . This must be seen with the last post for better understanding, where I have explained factors for optional subject selection. All CSS examination candidates will have to attempt the Compulsory Subjects of CSS examination having 600 marks comprising Essay, general knowledge, English . Total 1200 marks are in competitive exams. CSS Compulsory subjects. The compulsory subjects do not give very high marks usually. PKR 4000. This is the latest and updated edition for CSS Compulsory Subjects XXX, and published by Dogar Brothers and its Author has tried to provide maximum and up to date information for the subject to help students in their competitive examination. CSS PMS is the exam of temperament. Sunday, March 01, 2020 by Hassan Ahmed97. Buy High Scoring CSS Solved Compulsory Papers 2016 to 2021 Book online as Cash on Delivery all Over Pakistan. Optional subjects for 600 marks are to be selected from the list given by FPSC. IR = International Relations. So, you should go for the high-scoring subjects while choosing the optional ones. THE fact that out of 9,643 applicants only 202 passed the Central Superior Services exam this year . High scoring subject even toppers opted them; Having a low score only in 2018, 2011, and 2004 in the past 20 years; For next years, it is safe for opting. CSS_2022 Aspirants choose CSS optionals Optional_Subject_Selection which will assist you to opt for suitable subjects. Meaning that all candidates have to take these 6 papers. QUESTIONS FROM PAST PAPERS Historically, the highest fail ratio is for English Essay, so an aspirant should focus on this subject. When you qualify CSS written examination and go to viva voce, your choice of subject is always questioned and criticised. Informative Video Lectures | Assignments | Acing CSS Compulsory Subjects | MPT. From Group 5, Gender Studies seems a good option but I do not know whether it is high scoring or not. When it comes to CSS, International law is considered the easiest subject. Hence it is a high mark gaining subject. The High Scoring Guide for CSS Current Affairs (2021 edition) 0 out of 5 This examination is conducted in a written format, with essay style questions, car. Here you can check and download the CSS 2023 Syllabus of all optional subjects. There are certain cliche answer for this question "every optional is scoring". Please select you . March 21, 2021. It is the highest scoring subject, among the 200-marks courses, averaging at over 120. To explain this point let's consider example of Solutions to terrorism, an average student would propose: military operation, controlling hate speech, madrassa reforms, cutting terrorist funding, NAP implementation, etc. Last Page) Mohammed Ali Baig. The blog is owned and managed primarily by Ataulhaq Yusufzai. 2 Modules. Experience of Qualifiers who scored well in these subjects CSS-2016PAKISTAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICESMARKS IN CRIMINOLOGY = 79 Criminology by MaleehaIesar I consulted a few books on Criminology. We have started a series of Indo Pak History. CSS Screening Test: Course Overview "Challenge yourself until you master every concept" - Score well with Special Tabir Academy Technique - Learning Box feature, explaining complex concepts - Gain access to top quality MCQs from various difficulty levels (Low, Medium, and High) - Prepares you in just 30 Days - Solved P March 31, 2022. CSS Syllabus, FPSC Subjects and Exam Rules. In this video you will know that which are low scoring and which are high scoring subjects in css. Prior to 2018, Psychology and Islamic History Periods 1 and 2 were the major subjects of the majority of CSS Candidates. This list . PUBLICATION. For follow up and updated information; KIPS Monthly Magazine (Global Age), Newspaper, Latest Economic Survey of PAKISTAN. There are a total of 12 of the subjects in CSS where the six are electives. Calculating subjects such as Mathematics, Accounting, Statistics and Finance are high scoring only if you are good at them and you can avoid making minor mistakes. In this article, we will discuss and compare high-scoring subjects from years other than 2018. One should be able to link and relate different topics and fields to each other. Starting with preparation for CSS . Optional subjects about which we learn that they are not that high-scoring subjects. Essay, PA, CA, Sociology, Gender, Public Admin, Governance, US History, Constitutional Law. September 09, 2021 . It has a very easy and understandable language. Best of Luck. The written exam carries 1200 marks in total. The average of the second most opted 200-marks course i.e. offers high scoring css mcqs compulsory past papers 2005-20 dogar brother buy online with best lowest price in Pakistan with fast shipping in all major cites of Pakistan including Karachi, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Islamabad, Gujranwala . Firstly, there are two types of students: 1. . High Scoring International LAW CSS Solved Past Papers 2016-20: International law or public law is a set of rules and regulations defining the relation between states. The candidates are required to select optional subjects carrying a total of 600 marks from the following groups as per rules given in column-1 below:. Today's video is going to be very helpful for the candidates who are very confused about selection of Optional Subjects for CSS. That year there were 23,025 CSS applicants, out which a total of 9,391 appeared, only 312 qualified the written examination among whom 2 failed the interviews, and finally 261 candidates were allocated. Click . 08 High Scoring Subjects in CSS Posted by Sadaf Abbas on March 21, 2021 Best Subjects CSS High Scoring Subjects + Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; 08 High Scoring Subjects in CSS Posted by Sadaf Abbas on March 21, 2021 Best Subjects CSS High Scoring Subjects + Get link; Facebook; Twitter; CONDITION. If you are looking for Jobs after CSS Exam then you are at the right place. One should keep following things in mind while selecting subjects. And so on . Optional subjects about which we learn that they are not that high-scoring . CSS Subjects List, Compulsory and Optional. If you don't . High Scoring CSS MCQs All Compulsory Subjects Past Papers 2005-20 - Dogar Brother. CSS Islamiat Recommended Books By FPSC . LOOK INSIDE. Instructor: Abrar Ahmed (CSS 2017 | PAS | Political Science Topper) For Additional Resources and help. However, the best strategy should be used to prepare this subject. The average on the higher side in the compulsory subjects is roughly between 55 to 60%. Informative Video Lectures | Assignments | Acing CSS Compulsory Subjects | MPT. *** Scoring trends of Subjects in PMS 2019 obtained from PPSC Annual Report 2019 ***. An essay is not an English test; instead, an aspirant is judged upon how well an argument is structured or presented. High Scoring Subject; Compliments in preparing other subjects; Political Science is a perfect subject in this context. There are six compulsory subjects for 600 marks; which are: Essay Prcis and Composition Current Affairs Pakistan Affairs General Science and Ability Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions (for non-muslims) Rest of the subjects for 600 marks is chosen by the candidates themselves from the Groups of Optional Subjects. . Tasneem Noorani Published May 21, 2017. Ultimate CSS Current Affairs Preparation Course. Part-I is attempted on a separate sheet which collected back after 30 minutes. Tips and guidance on writing high scoring answers for CSS . You may prepare your subject of Indo Pak. . Make your answer relevant and to the point.. CSS-2016PAKISTAN ADMINISTRATIVE . Subjects which have 60 to 65% marks on average are good scoring and subjects which are 65% or Plus are high scoring. Pakistan Best CSS Academy. Assignments | Acing CSS Compulsory Subjects | MPT. Each paper has Part-I (Objective part) and Part-II (Subjective part). . Most of the CSS aspirants opt to go for this subject. Federal Public Service Commission FPSC has been revised that the CSS Subjects List, Compulsory and Optional. Description. 10% Extra Bank Discount on Dogar Brothers CSS Solved Papers 2016 to 2021 High Scoring | All Compulsory Subjects,dogar books,dogars books,dogar books for css,css solved past papers dogar,css books,css books 2022,css solved past papers,css past papers,css compulsory books at Out of PMS Syllabus Groups, a candidate has to select 600 Marks subjects. But. For joining regular session contact 03214991005 Watch below complete video to know How to Score High in Accountancy and Auditing in CSS Exams So to be on safe side, please choose subjects related to social sciences/civil services aswell. In the body, insert detailed information, including Oracle product and version. Time allowed for each paper is 3 Hours. After this detailed discussion of the criteria you should use, we can leave you with this final list of the 15 highest-scoring subjects in the CSS exam. Subjects which have an average score between 50 to 60 are medium scoring. by Tahir January 9, 2022. Political Science CSS Full Course. It can help CSS aspirants to prepare certain topics in the syllabus of . 10 Modules. The subject carrying 100 marks has one paper. Low Prices Fast Delivery across Pakistan HERE CSS High Scoring Subjects. 0; 0; 0; CSS. This is the final decision after passing CSS Exam and it is very important decision for your upcoming career life. Out of which, 600 marks are for compulsory papers and 600 marks are for optional papers. CSS physics . the subjects with absolute nature of the answers ,which means either one knows the answer of the question or one does not, are generally more scoring than those subjects which have no black and white answers, if one does not know the answer even than he or she can get some marks.that is the reason why science subjects such as: geography, physics, Complete coverage or every aspect of the questions. Languages are usually high scoring subjects. Perspective A: No denying the fact that there are certain subjects, which are really marks yielding these subjects include all science subjects such as pure math, applied math, physics, computer sciences and other subjects such as mercantile law, accounting . This course is comprised of scientific methods and laws which you must know clearly as it would enhance your understanding. . Islamiat, Essay, Gender Studies and many other compulsory and optional subjects of CSS, PMS and PCS. Here you can find a list of posts after passing CSS Exam. No paper is low scoring or high scoring; it is the . Answer (1 of 3): I am a Pakistani citizen. Preparing for CSS is an art. Scoring potential of the subjects. 33. Secondly, there is a perception of scoring subjects in CSS exams. CSS subject and syllabus from group-I is given below. Answer: Total marks of CSS Examination are 1200. Title: High Scoring CSS International Law Solved Past Papers 2016-20 Authors: Farooq Zahid & Wasiq Mushtaq Publisher: Dogar Brothers Pages: 134 . Saturday, May 16, 2020 by RoadBlock. Regardless of how good your English is, there is a particular pattern and structure for writing high scoring CSS essays that FPSC looks for. Dogar Brother. So in CSS, there are 12 papers of 100 marks each. For example, it is said that subjects like US History, Gender Studies, and Criminology are high scoring while International Relations, International Law, and Indo-Pak . The minimum standard of optional subjects will be that of an honour's degree of a university in Pakistan. Rs.150 OFF for New Users! Make your answer relevant and to the point.. CSS-2016PAKISTAN ADMINISTRATIVE . Thus, you will lose both marks and time during paper. The book highlights the issues of Feminism, gender-based inequality, women's health, and the form of violence against women, in Indian society. Starting from the utopian state of Plato to the Deng Xiaoping , local adaptation of socialism and covering a journey from city state of Greeks to modern day democracy , enablers helps u understand each and every topic of the syllabus in an detailed and comprehensive way. Group-1 One subject carrying 200 marks. International Relations, is significantly lower than that (almost 30 marks . This a very good book for Gender Studies CSS. In a nutshell, these can help you while opting your optional easily . The subject carrying 200 marks has two papers. Recommended Books by FPSC (or PPSC for PMS) Handouts and Notes provided by resource person at KIPS CSS. There are two perspectives: Optional subjects about which we learn are high-scoring subjects. It goes without saying that a CSS aspirant would want to select a subject that is high scoring. Each paper has 100 marks. However, non-Muslim candidates have a . This course is comprised of scientific methods and laws which you must know clearly as it would enhance your understanding. High Scoring Essays is published by Dogar Brothers and its Author M Ibrahim Shah has tried to provide maximum and up to date information for the . 11 Important Topics for Pakistan Affairs CSS 2022. CSS Marks Scoring Subjects Combination Complete Guide 2022 Selection of the right combination is the most important factor in determining the success as well merit of the candidates.The aspirants of CSS always need proper guidance at the various stages of their preparation. 0; 0; 0; CSS. Buy High Scoring Essays By M Ibrahim Shah Dogar Brothers Book online as Cash on Delivery all Over Pakistan, High Scoring Essays is the latest and updated edition for CSS Compulsory Subject Essay. CSS Optional Subjects Syllabus 2023 (600 marks) Candidates attempting css exam must select subjects from code 11 to 17 having 200 marks each and remaining subjects from code 18 to 55 having 100 marks each.